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Creative Studio

First we unwrap your story, so that we can wrap you all up again in some shiny new duds!

(metaphors, baby)

We are a small and dedicated creative studio. Our team comprises of an illustrator, a graphic & web designer, a copywriter and a web developer.

We deliver bespoke art, design & creative solutions for a host of different visual communication projects and organisations.

How Do We Work?

We have been designing professionally for over 8 years, now. 

In that time, we have developed a way of working that helps us get the best results for our clients.

About Us

1. We Connect

Whether it’s a series of meetings, emails, Skype conversations or chatting on facebook messenger, the first thing we need to do is to hear and understand exactly what it is you need- the design brief, the timescales, the costs, the demographics- these are all the things that help define your story – and we want to hear it all.

About Us

2. The Design Brief

We read it. We read it again. We take a walk, then come back and read it again. We jot down a few ideas, then we read it again. We sketch some more thoughts down on paper, and then do it all over again. 

About Us

3. The Mother-Of-All-Researches

We want our ideas to come from a well-informed place. And so, we like nothing better than embracing our geeky love of research, and finding out all about what you do. With every new project we try to become new mini-experts in your field.

About Us

4. We Get Creative

First, we go offline – pen & paper are our favourite tools when we first start sketching out the initial ideas for a project. Secondly, we believe that creativity shouldn’t always be limited by office walls. So, sometimes you might find us by our desks, sometimes sitting on a park bench sketching, and sometimes being that person sitting in the coffee shop, totally glued to our notebooks and laptops all day.

About Us

5. First Drafts

We send you our best ideas, drafts and mockups and then we talk.

About Us

6.  Fine-Tuning

We fine tune the final drafts until you’re happy!

About Us

7. Final Drafts

Logo Files, Print-ready files or web development; when the project is completed and delivered, we like to celebrate with coffee and cake, and, on special occasions, with the odd glass of wine.

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Copyright © 2017 wondersomethings creative studio