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Wonder Fields Festival. Custom Web Design.

Wonder Fields. Custom Web Design. Category Web Design Date 2017 Client Wonder Fields Visit Site Creative...


Wonder Fields Website design & development, responsive mockupa
Creative Web design & Development for Wonder Fields Festival with custom illustrations

Wonder Fields.
Custom Web Design.

Category Web Design
Date 2017
Client Wonder Fields
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Creative Web Design Solution for a fun, small festival in Devon

The Brief

The Wonder Fields team needed a custom website that really spoke to their audience. Being a busy festival there was a lot of content to include, but the website still needed to be easy to navigate.

It needed to be a place where new visitors could get the vibe of the festival and returning customers could find what they needed easily.

The Result

We spent a lot of time talking with the client to ensure that we really got to the core of what the festival’s vibe was.

Once we had that nailed, we got to work telling the Wonder Field story through the website design.

  • We created a home page that is photo-dominated and delivers a strong visual story.
  • Floating botanicals were added to further enhance the festival’s nature-oriented vibe.
  • We drew bespoke swirls for each title page to remain on-brand with the Wonder Fields experience without looking generic.


Problem solving the large amount of content placement and its navigation was a huge challenge on this project. Getting it right was highly rewarding – after studying visitors’ site browsing tendencies we confirmed that we had achieved exactly what the client wanted. And, we are happy to say, that the feedback regarding the site itself has also been fantastic!

Wonder Fields Festival bespoke web design and development mockup

We wanted a website that did more than just function, we wanted something that told our story. Wondersomethings took the time to really understand what we were looking for and the result is a website better than we could have hoped for.’

Alice De Haan, Wonder Fields